Wednesday, October 27, 2010

History Lecture

Today I received and e-mail from my history professor informing us that instead of having class next Thursday, we are required to attend a lecture by Dr. Ali Dinar. The lecture is to be about the "Darfur in Regional and International Contexts." As proof that we attended the lecture, we are required to fill out a questionaire and turn it in at the conclusion of the lecture. I am really not excited about this. Sure the questionaire should be simple, but the lecture is to take place in the Alumnic Center, which I just learned is clear down by the stadum! I am sure that every thing will be fine, however I will feel better when it is all over.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Research Process

Our group didn't have any problem writing the proposal. We simply put our heads together and combined our thoughts into the proposal. Finding good sources has been a little bit difficult because most of the ones we've found have been from several years ago. Evaluating the sources has also been dificult because most of them have simply been people's opinions, with no evidence to back up their claims.
Other than the goal proposal, I have not had much time to work on the paper. I have been so busy with my paper for history class, which is really hard. Hopefully once it is finished I will have lots of time to work on this paper!

Friday, October 15, 2010

New E*Trade Baby Commercials

Working in Groups

So far, I have not encountered any problems with working in my group. Tiffany, Amanda, and Benny are great people to work with. We didn't have any problem discussing and agreeing on a topic for us to write about. We all agreed that the real cost of college textbooks would be a great topic to do our research papers on. Not only is it a big issue right now, but we and the rest of the class can all relate to it quite easily. I think it will be helpful for us to start off in groups to help find sites and organize our thoughts and ideas.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Missing My Mommy

This has been an especially difficult week for me, and I find that I am missing my mom even more than normal. This is due to the fact that I am rather sick this weekend. I think that I may have a sinus infection, if not, just a very bad cold. This is the first time that I have ever been sick away from home and I am really not enjoying it. I really miss being able to lazy around in front of the TV all day with mommy there to take care of my every need. I am praying that whatever this is that I have clears up fast, because it is making me miserable. Luckily the weekend is almost here and I can spend the whole time in bed recooperating. Unfortunately most of my friends are going home for the weekend so I will be on my own, but maybe that will encourage me to take it easy and relax.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

History 150

I officially hate my history class. It sucks. Not only does the professor give us homework assignments that take 4 hours to complete. He teaches the freshman course as if it were a senior course, and goes way too fast in class. No one in class is able to keep up with him and copy down the notes before he moves on to the next slide in his powerpoint presentation. What's worst is that last Thursday he assigned a 15 page midterm that we have to complete by this Thursday. It is taking sooooo long to complete.
Today's class is going to be especially boring because my friend that I usually sit with will be gone on a field trip today. This is going to make the class even worse than it normally is, hopefully I will be able to stay awake and on topic for it. Wish me luck!