Thursday, November 18, 2010


I nice long needed break! That is what I so desperately need right now. I am so excited to be going home for almost a whole week. I have missed my family very much and can't wait to see them. This year's Thanksgiving is going to be much different for me because my grandma on my father's side will be in St. Louis and we have always had Thanksgiving at her house. This year this obviously this will not be happening. However, my grandparents on my mother's side are going to be in town for Thanksgiving this year. This will be the first time that they will be in Indiana for the holidays. Usually thay are in Florida this time of year, but this past summer they decided to move back up here. It will be interesting to see how the holidays play out this year.
I wish that I could go home for Thanksgiving Break this Friday rather than Tuesday, but I still have classes on Monday and Tuesday. I am also really excited to see the new Harry Potter movie! I hope they don't mess it up and that it's as good as the book!

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