Wednesday, September 1, 2010

CMA Music Festival

Ever since I arrived at school, the TV connection has steadily been getting worse. It was rather fuzzy when I first moved in but it was still watchable. However it ended up so bad that there were days it was so fuzzy that you could not tell what was on the TV screen. We would also continually lose the signal completely. It was driving me absolutely crazy not being able to watch tht TV whenever I wanted.

I guess I'm pretty spoiled when it comes to the TV. Despite the fact that we don't have cable at my house, I still was constantly watching the TV. Not matter what I was doing, whether it was homework, cleaning the kitchen, or simply reading a book, I had the TV on. I was beginning to go a bit stir crazy here without it, luckily I brought enough movies to get through this rough patch.

I had the best surprise today after my Water Aerobics class. I decided to check the TV again and what do you know? It was the best reception we have had since I've been here. The other day I asked my RA about what was going on with the cable, checking to make sure that I wasn't the only one who was having problems with it. Luckily I wasn't. She told me that the construction workers accidently hit the cable line, and that there was problems not only in our building but also in two others. She informed me that they were "working on it," but I was still pretty skeptical. Then today when it did get fixed I was very excited!

Just in time for the CMA Music Festival tonight!!!! :)

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