Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall Festival

I went home this past weekend for an event known as the Fall Festival. I have gone to it for as long as I can remember. It is so much fun. This year the theme was Heroes since is took place on September 11. Like most parades, it begins with the procession of police cars and firetrucks. Normally when they come through they have their lights flashing and horns blaring, but not this time. They had their lights on, but they drove through in a veil of silence. If you weren't paying attention, you would not have known that the parade had even started.

The parade itself was awesome, I got to see alot of my old friends. Like most parades, they were throughing candy. Since I am older now I didn't get nearly as much candy as I used to, but I still got way more than I expected to get. Especially from the little kids that recognized me from church. I think my favorite part of the parade was actually the last group that went through. The Choralaires, the all-girls choir at Zionsville High School. I had several friends in the group, but also they were the most enthusiastic of everyone. Plus, they gave out lots of candy.

The parade took place on Saturday morning, and it did rain. But luckily there was not a down pour. It mostly misted throughout the whole morning. Luckity we were sitting underneath a tree, so we didn't get very wet, but it was rather cold. Not that either of these things slowed us down.

Once the parade was over, the hordes of people made their way down to the park where the festival itself was being held. I was a little bit disappointed in the booths that they had this year. In years past, there was tent after tent of arts and crafts, antique furniture, jewlery, designer bags, amd more. This year there was a very limited selection of all these things. Even the advertising tent was lacking. Either way, I still had a lot of fun, hanging out with my mom and my brother and sister.

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